(The following is suggested and still under Review)

Membership is more along the lines of a Partnership and Re-investing in America. A Partnership that consists of Clients and Vendors but we feel both are dedicated to the same cause which is in the end result is creating jobs in America. Though both realize there is sacrificed of some profit or possibly short-term savings, there is benefit in tax exempts and jobs revitalization within the Americas which will create Long-Term employment and US economic growth.

Both parties expect a realistic not to assume Clients will cease ALL Off-Shoring relationships but are expected to redirect a minimum of 1/3 of off-shore projects to HRA Vendors within a 2 year time frame.

Both are selected and vetted for approvals that dedicated to working in a “Good Faith Effort” to reducing budget and minimize projects Off-Shoring thus reinvesting back into the America economy by the following credentials.

Clients Expect/Receive the following:

-Tax exemptions on monies/budget redirect to Partners involved in the HRA program through Federal, State and Local levels

-Clients receive 10-20% tax relief on moving Off-shore monies into US

-50% of Clients tax exempts monies from off-shore holdings go into redirected US based projects (Not to shareholders and executive compensation)

-Vendors workforce producing product and/or services will be on US Soil

-Vendors will hire and train minimum of 40% new employees from US Unemployment and Veteran services

-Vendors product better or similar quality product/services that would receive from off-shore resources

-That vendors significantly create, invest and train in US unemployed and Veterans by the form of formal training programs and leading-edge facilities on US soil.

Vendors Expect/Receive the following:

-Minimum 2 year commitments on contracts from Partner contracts

-Clients have “good faith” effort expectations of quantity, quality and pricing

-Vendors US hiring and training is comparable and realistic with size of Clients contracts and needs to fill orders in a timely fashion