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At Help Rebuild America (HRA), our main goal is Job Creation on a national level. From Administrative to Telecomm and everything in between, we work on Job Placement within all industry sectors. The effort specializes in both re-training and cross-training America's unemployed and military personnel into a growing viable workforce. We provide them with the necessary resources required to get them back on their feet and into today's global competitive workplace.To this end, we hire at least 50% of our staff from the ranks of the unemployed and military veterans.

  • Jobless Figures Surprisingly Weak

    Not so great news out of the Labor Department this morning: The economy created 142,000 jobs in September, well below forecasts of more than 200,000, reports the AP . Even so, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.1%. The 142,000 may initially sound worse than last month's... Go to Source Author:

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  • Unemployment Hits 7-Year Low

    Hiring was relatively weak in August, but the 173,000 jobs added by US employers were enough to bring the nation's unemployment rate down to its lowest level in seven years, reports AP . The Labor Department said today the rate dropped from 5.3% to 5.1%, a level it... Go to Source Author:

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  • Unemployment Holds at 5.3%

    The Wall Street Journal was right on the money: It estimated that 215,000 jobs were added in July and predicted that the unemployment rate would remain at 5.3%. That's exactly what happened. Writing for the Journal, Erik Holm notes that "this marks the third straight month of at... Go to Source Author: Newser Editors

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  • In ‘Anticlimax,’ Jobless Rate Sinks to 5.3%

    It's a rare "Jobs Thursday" due to tomorrow's holiday, and so America learned a day earlier than usual that the unemployment rate fell to 5.3%, with "a solid" 223,000 jobs added in June, per the AP . That's a tad bit better and worse than expectations, per the Wall... Go to Source Author: Kate Seamons

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  • Jobs Report: Things Look to Be ‘Back on Track’

    It's a good number: 280,000 jobs were added in May, besting economists' consensus prediction of 225,000. Today's jobs report also revealed the unemployment rate ticked up from 5.4% to 5.5%, the Wall Street Journal reports. The new jobs numbers for March and April show an overall... Go to Source Author: Evann Gastaldo

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