• Hiring Rights Itself After a One-Month Dip

    The new jobs report is out, and the big number is back in positive territory. Employers added a modest 49,000 jobs in January, though that was in line with expectations of 50,000, reports CNBC . The increase may be "tepid," as the AP describes it, but it also reverses... Go to Source Author: John Johnson

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  • Calif.: Criminals Raided Unemployment Funds to Tune of $11.4B

    From March of last year to the middle of January, California paid out some $114 billion in unemployment benefits. Now, the state's labor secretary, Julie Su, has some alarming news on about $11.4 billion, or 10%, of that figure—those payments were fraudulent, stolen by hackers, identity thieves, and... Go to Source Author: Jenn Gidman

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  • 7 Months of Job Growth Just Ended

    The relentless virus finally overtook new hiring. Employers shed 140,000 jobs in the US in December, reversing a trend of seven months of job growth, reports the Wall Street Journal . The unemployment rate stayed at 6.7%, which the AP notes is the first time it has not declined... Go to Source Author: Newser Editors

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  • New Jobless Claims Still at 4 Times Normal

    The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell by 19,000 last week but remained elevated at 787,000 as a resurgent coronavirus gripped the US economy. While at the lowest level in four weeks, the new figures released Thursday by the Labor Department are nearly four times higher than... Go to Source Author:

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  • ‘Several People Broke Down Crying in Phone Interviews’

    It's a rough read for Christmas Day. But the Washington Post interviews 10 people pushed to the financial brink because of the pandemic who can't understand why Congress and the White House haven't been able to agree on a relief package. "Several people broke down crying in phone interviews," write... Go to Source Author: Newser Editors

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