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At Help Rebuild America (HRA), our main goal is Job Creation on a national level. From Administrative to Telecomm and everything in between, we work on Job Placement within all industry sectors. The effort specializes in both re-training and cross-training America's unemployed and military personnel into a growing viable workforce. We provide them with the necessary resources required to get them back on their feet and into today's global competitive workplace.To this end, we hire at least 50% of our staff from the ranks of the unemployed and military veterans.

  • An Uber Headache? 2 Drivers Awarded Unemployment

    Uber has been fighting tooth and nail to keep its drivers classified as independent contractors rather than employees, with success . Now, a speed bump in New York: The state's Department of Labor in August and September ruled that two Uber drivers are eligible for unemployment payments, the New York Times... Go to Source Author: Daniel Kay

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  • September Jobs Report Shows Decent Gain

    Job gains in September were slightly weaker than the 172,000 jobs that Wall Street economists expected, but the 156,000 jobs that employers did add were enough to welcome new workers and bring back some of those who fell off the map after the Great Recession, per the New... Go to Source Author:

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  • August Jobs Report: Numbers Can’t Compare to Recent Gains

    Hiring downshifted last month as US employers added a modest 151,000 jobs, about half the blockbuster gains of the two previous months, the AP reports. The Labor Department said Friday the unemployment rate remained 4.9% for the third straight month. The figures are far below July's gain of... Go to Source Author:

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  • Jobs Numbers Strong for 2nd Straight Month

    Employers added a healthy 255,000 jobs last month, a sign of confidence amid sluggish growth that points to a resilient US economy, reports the AP . It's the second straight month of strong growth. The Labor Department also said the unemployment rate remained a low 4.9% in July. More... Go to Source Author:

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  • June Jobs Report Shows Huge Gains

    Employers shook off two months of weak hiring by adding 287,000 jobs in June, a robust pace that suggests a resilient US economy. The hiring spurt marked a sharp improvement from May's dismal showing, when just 11,000 jobs were added, reports the AP . A modest 144,000 jobs... Go to Source Author:

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