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At Help Rebuild America (HRA), our main goal is Job Creation on a national level. From Administrative to Telecomm and everything in between, we work on Job Placement within all industry sectors. The effort specializes in both re-training and cross-training America's unemployed and military personnel into a growing viable workforce. We provide them with the necessary resources required to get them back on their feet and into today's global competitive workplace.To this end, we hire at least 50% of our staff from the ranks of the unemployed and military veterans.

  • Unemployment driving foreclosures up

    The foreclosure crisis always has been a different animal in Ohio than in other parts of the country, according to housing advocates. See original here: Unemployment driving foreclosures up

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  • How Tax Break for Overseas Profits Went Awry (June 09)

    Researchers were able to calculate that $300 billion in overseas profit was repatriated by American companies in 2005, when they had to pay a tax rate of just 5.25 percent, rather than the normal corporate tax rate of 35 percent. The amount was five times the normal amount of repatriations. See original here:

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  • Offshore Outsourcing and America’s Competitive Edge:Losing out in the High Technology R&D and Services Sectors

    Source: Office of Senator Joe Lieberman, May 11, 2004 I am releasing this white paper in hopes that it will stimulate a deeper review of the long term implications for our policy responses and change the terms of the debate on the offshore outsourcing issue. The issues raised in this report go well beyond the current debate and focus on the next wave of this challenge, which potentially could affect high end R&D research jobs, ...

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  • The Real Deficit Culprits: Offshoring and Corporate Tax Evasion

    Source: In These Times, April 21, 2011 One of the major causes of current high, chronic levels of unemployment in the United States is offshoring by U.S. corporations. Less well known, however, is that these same multinational corporations are a significant cause of not only millions of lost jobs, but of trillions of dollars of lost tax revenue as well—thus contributing significantly to current and future budget deficits. A recent report by the U.S. Commerce Dept., a ...

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  • Companies Push for Tax Break on Foreign Cash

    Source: The New York Times/ June 19, 2011 By DAVID KOCIENIEWSKI Some of the nation’s largest corporations have amassed vast profits outside the country and are pressing Congress and the Obama administration for a tax break to bring the money home. Apple has $12 billion waiting offshore, Google has $17 billion and Microsoft, $29 billion. Under the proposal, known as a repatriation holiday, the federal income tax owed on such profits returned to the United States would fall to ...

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